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Hello, Bonjour,


My name is Manon, and I’m the creator of Maison Ducharm!

In 2021 I transformed my life-long passion for French and Italian cuisine into this woman-owned small business.


Maison Ducharm was established in order to share artisanal yet accessible products with the local community. Everything I make is versatile and effortless to prepare, whether it’s for last-minute simple meals or fancy gourmet dinners!

I was born in Paris, France and raised in  Bordeaux by my mixed Basque and Italian family, so I naturally grew up with a love for food and long family dinners!


When I was younger I would always cook with my grandmas, and look up to my dad who would cook each meal with so much passion and creativity.


For anyone wondering about my name (pronounced mah-non), yes, it’s “odd” here in the states! However, it’s a very common name in France, especially thanks to the mid-80’s book/movie titled “Manon of the Springs”.

Food isn’t my only passion though - I studied Marketing in France, and I have an MBA from a Hospitality Management program.


I’ve had the chance to travel and live in several different countries, and my MBA actually brought me here to America!

In 2018 I moved to San Diego after spending several months in Mexico.


I graduated in 2019 and immediately started my dream job in Business Development for an international boutique hotel chain.

Like many other workers in the hospitality industry, I found myself getting laid-off when the pandemic hit in 2020. To add to my misfortune, my Visa changed and left me unable to work for 8 months.


I didn’t let this unexpected time go to waste though, and I focused my efforts on creating fresh pastas to share with my family and friends during these strange times.

In June 2021 I received a new Visa along with the ability to work again, so in the following week I launched my business at local Farmers Markets and started meeting you!



I am extremely thankful for the constant kindness of this community! It’s such a pleasure to meet you, and I appreciate all of your feedback and support. I’m excited to continue sharing my passion and my products with you!

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